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Looking for a keyboard that offers a tactile typing experience unlike any other? Look no further than our roundup of the top mechanical keyboards on the market. These high-quality keyboards are perfect for anyone who values precision, durability, and that satisfying click-clack sound of each keystroke.

The Top 20 Best Mechanical Keyboard

  1. 8Bitdo Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming — An ideal union of classic design and modern functionality, the 8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Programmable Keyboard combines Bluetooth/USB connectivity, N-key rollover support, and dual programmable Super Keys for an enhanced gaming experience.
  2. Customizable Red Switched Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlighting — Experience seamless and customizable wireless gaming with the RisoPhy Triple Mode Keyboard, featuring programmable keys, adjustable RGB backlight, and high-quality PBT keycaps.
  3. Redragon Fizz K617: Affordable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB and Red Switch — Experience the sleek performance of Redragon’s Fizz K617 mechanical keyboard with a compact 61-key layout, hot-swappable Red Switches, vibrant RGB backlighting, and customizable features designed for FPS gaming enthusiasts.
  4. Programmable RGB Mech Keyboard for Gaming & Productivity — Unlock the true potential of customization with the 65% Mechanical Keyboard RGB Gaming by Redragon K631 Pro SE, offering a hot-swappable compact build, 3-Mode wireless connectivity, and vibrant RGB lighting for an immersive gaming experience.
  5. RGB Gaming Keyboard with Gradient Design and Sound-absorbing Foam — Immerse yourself in style and customization with the Redragon K654 RGB Gaming Keyboard, featuring hot-swappable red switches, sound-absorbing foam, and vibrant RGB lighting for an unmatched typing and gaming experience.
  6. Ultimate RGB Gaming Keyboard for Enhanced Performance and Comfort — Experience ultimate gaming performance with Redragon K629-RGB, a full RGB 75% mechanical keyboard featuring classic Red switches, customizable RGB lighting, and compatibility for both Windows and Mac PCs.
  7. Customizable, 60% Transparent RGB Gaming Keyboard with White Design — The Redragon Fizz K617 SE 60% Full-Transparent Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard, with custom linear switches and vibrant backlighting, offers an immersive gaming experience and elevates your setup.
  8. Illuminated Gasket-Mounted RGB Wireless Keyboard with High-Capacity Battery — Upgrade your typing experience with the versatile RK H81 wireless mechanical keyboard, featuring gasket mounting, knob controls, a soft brown switch, and customizable RGB backlighting for a sleek and comfortable workspace.
  9. Stylish Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch — Experience the ultimate gaming and typing performance with Royal Kludge RK61, a sleek 60% mechanical keyboard featuring blue switches and Bluetooth/wired connectivity options.
  10. Keychron C2 Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard for Mac and Windows — Take your productivity to new heights with the Keychron C2 Full Size Wired Mechanical Keyboard, featuring a durable Keychron Brown switch with 50 million keystroke lifespan, a retro-inspired color scheme, and an ergonomic design for endless comfort.
  11. Stylish Fizz Gaming Keyboard with Linear Red Switches — The Redragon K617 Fizz 60% gaming keyboard is an ideal choice for gamers and office workers alike, featuring a sleek design, hot-swappable red switches, and a vibrant RGB backlight for a personalized typing experience.
  12. Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Low Profile Red Switch — Elevate your home and office experience with the Veilzor Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard LED Backlit, featuring a low-profile red switch, rechargeable mechanical keyboard, and precision mouse for enhanced efficiency and focused work environment.
  13. RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlight — Revolutionize your gaming experience with the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard, offering a long-lasting 4000mAh battery and lightning-fast TTC Speed Silver V2 Switches for unparalleled precision and response.
  14. Illuminated Gaming Keyboard with Whisper Quiet Switches and Brilliant PrismSync Lighting — Experience the gaming edge with the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL, featuring a whisper-quiet keyboard, water and dust resistance, and stunning 16.8 million color lighting effects that synchronize with other SteelSeries products.
  15. Azio Mk-Retro-01: Retro-Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Experience a stylish and comfortable vintage typewriting experience with the Azio Mk Retro Mechanical Keyboard, featuring Blue mechanical switches, N-Key rollover technology, and a 6' braided USB cable for optimal compatibility with your Windows system.
  16. Redragon Portable RGB Mech Keyboard with Customizable Functions — Redragon K633 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard delivers a compact, fully programmable, and customizable RGB experience with 68 hot-swappable keys for efficient gaming and working in a portable design, compatible with various operating systems.
  17. Ultra-Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Travel — Experience the perfect blend of portability and performance with CACKBIRD’s 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, featuring blue switches, LED customization, and a 61-key ultra-compact design.
  18. Cherry MX 1.0 TKL Mechanical Keyboard — Compact, Customizable Typewriter-Like Switches — Experience the precision and comfort of a German-made Cherry MX 1.0 TKL keyboard, featuring full n-key rollover, anti-ghosting, and backlit keys for a satisfying typing experience.
  19. Clicky” Gaote Blue Mechanical Keyboard for Precision Gaming — Unleash your typing potential with the Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard, featuring Gaote Blue tactile switches for precision gaming and writing, along with Cherry MX-compatible keycaps for customization.
  20. Stylish Akko CS Keyboard with White Illumination — Upgrade to the sleek, versatile, and illuminated gaming experience with the V-K66 Mechanical Keyboard offering hot-swappable keys, Akko CS key switches, and a stunning white color.

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🔗8Bitdo Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming


I’ve been using the 8Bitdo Retro keyboard for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s been a fantastic addition to my work setup. The nostalgic colorway instantly transported me back to the early days of gaming, and the satisfying click of the switches has made typing a pleasure. The keycaps feel sturdy, thanks to their PBT construction, and the layout is compact, allowing me to fit it seamlessly on my desk.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its dual super buttons. These large, programmable keys allow me to map any function to them instantly, without having to use any software. It’s been incredibly convenient for my work, allowing me to access frequently used functions with just a press of a button. However, I do wish there was a harder stop for the volume knob to prevent it from continuously spinning when adjusting the volume.

The keyboard also supports 8BitDo Ultimate Software V2 for custom keyboard mapping, which is a great feature if you’re looking to personalize your typing experience further. And, the fact that it can connect via Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G, or wired options makes it incredibly versatile for various setups.

One downside I’ve noticed is that the keyboard doesn’t have any backlighting, which might be a drawback for some users who prefer a lit keyboard at night. However, I personally found that the lack of backlighting hasn’t been an issue for me.

Overall, the 8Bitdo Retro keyboard has been a fantastic addition to my daily life. Its nostalgic design, satisfying switches, and versatile connectivity options make it a top choice for any avid gamer or typist.

🔗Customizable Red Switched Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlighting


I’ve been using RisoPhy’s Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you — it’s quite an experience! The 104-key programmability allows for custom macros and easy key reassignments, making it a versatile choice for both work and gaming.

One of the standout features is the ability to switch between wireless, Bluetooth, and wired modes. It’s fantastic to have so many connectivity options at your fingertips. Plus, the mechanical red switches offer a tactile feel with a quiet click, perfect for creating a stress-free environment during high-stakes gaming sessions.

As for the RGB backlighting, there are 20 modes and 16.8 million color choices. You can even get creative and customize the lighting per key. This makes for a truly immersive gaming experience, whether you’re using it at home or on the go.

And the high-end PBT keycaps? They add a premium touch and are more resistant to long-term grime buildup compared to their ABS counterparts. Plus, they offer a contrasting gray and white design, adding a nice twist to the usual bland black keycaps.

So far, I’m loving this wireless mechanical keyboard. It’s a great blend of functionality, connectivity, and design. If you’re in the market for a versatile gaming keyboard, this might just be the one for you.

🔗Redragon Fizz K617: Affordable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB and Red Switch


My recent experience with the Redragon Fizz 60% wired RGB gaming keyboard has been nothing short of impressive. With its slimmer design and compact 61 keys, it’s perfect for gaming and efficient work. I’ve found the linear red switch to be incredibly quiet, allowing for a smooth and easy typing experience — although it may require a gentle touch.

One of the key highlights for me is the adjustable RGB lighting, providing vibrant options tailored to individual preferences. Additionally, the software customization available is a game-changer, as it really allows for personalization and an extra level of control.

🔗Programmable RGB Mech Keyboard for Gaming & Productivity


Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out Redragon’s K631 Pro SE 65% Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard. This unique and user-friendly mechanical keyboard has been a fantastic addition to my daily life, both for work and gaming.

One standout feature of this Redragon keyboard is the hot-swappable switch system. It’s incredibly versatile, with 99.8% compatibility with other switches on the market. This means I can easily switch out switches without needing any complicated modifications. Additionally, the keyboard is perfect for customization, allowing me to create my optimal gaming setup without the need for extensive research.

The vibrant RGB lighting on this keyboard is simply stunning. From the 20 preset backlighting modes to the adjustable brightness and speed, I’ve been absolutely mesmerized by the endless possibilities. Couple that with the music sync mode’s ability to create an immersive desktop atmosphere, and this keyboard truly becomes the centerpiece of my setup.

In terms of connectivity, the Redragon K631 Pro SE offers three different modes — USB-C wired, Bluetooth 3.0/5.0, and 2.4GHz wireless. This provides me with flexibility in choosing which mode I prefer for my gaming needs. The keyboard also features quiet, custom linear mechanical switches that make every click feel effortless and efficient.

Overall, the Redragon K631 Pro SE Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard impressed me with its ease of use, customization options, and stunning RGB lighting. While there may be some minor tweaks to be made for perfection, I would highly recommend this keyboard to fellow gamers and anyone who appreciates a touch of personality in their work setup.

🔗RGB Gaming Keyboard with Gradient Design and Sound-absorbing Foam


I recently gave the Redragon K654 RGB Gaming Keyboard a whirl, and wow, it was quite the experience. The first thing that caught my eye was the distinctive gradient design of the keycaps, which made it look like a premium and unique piece. The linear red switches provided a smooth and quiet typing experience, making it ideal for both gaming and office work.

One of the things that stood out the most was the inclusion of sound-absorbing foam. It significantly reduced the noise during intense gaming sessions, and it made working in a shared space much more pleasant. Additionally, the versatile and vibrant RGB lighting allowed me to customize the colors, speed, and modes according to my preference, adding a touch of personalization.

While the keyboard’s performance was impressive, the build quality left a bit to be desired. It wasn’t the sturdiest I’ve ever used, and I felt like it could’ve been a bit more robust for its price point. Overall, the Redragon K654 RGB Gaming Keyboard has its strengths and weaknesses, but for those looking for a blend of style, customization, and noise reduction, it may just be the perfect fit.

🔗Ultimate RGB Gaming Keyboard for Enhanced Performance and Comfort


I recently tested the Redragon K629-RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, and it has impressed me in many ways. The classic red switches offer linear feedback and smooth actuation, making it perfect for RPGs and MMOs. The 20 RGB backlit modes and 16.8 million color options create an immersive gaming experience, while the advanced lighting effects and customizations through software let you personalize it to your liking.

Apart from the impressive design, the functional aspects of this keyboard also stood out. With 84 keys that are conflict-free and a 12-key multimedia layout, the K629-RGB is a solid choice for ultimate gaming performance. The ergonomic design, with a non-slip metal panel and double-shot keycaps, ensures a comfortable typing experience. It’s also splash-proof, which adds to its practicality.

Compatible with Windows and MacOS, the Redragon K629-RGB is a versatile option for gamers. While the programming driver is only supported for Windows, the keyboard still functions well on Macs. The included USB-C cable and keycap puller make it easy to set up, and the user manual provides helpful information.

In conclusion, the Redragon K629-RGB mechanical gaming keyboard offers a seamless blend of design and functionality. Its customizable backlight and comfortable gaming experience make it a worthy addition to any gamer’s setup.

🔗Customizable, 60% Transparent RGB Gaming Keyboard with White Design


As a gamer, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect keyboard to elevate my gaming experience, and the Redragon K617 SE 60% Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard definitely fits the bill! The full-transparent design is a unique and trendy touch, making it stand out amongst my messy setup. The custom linear switches are an absolute game-changer — they provide a smooth and silent typing experience, allowing me to focus solely on the game.

The vibrant RGB backlighting is not only visually stunning but also incredibly customizable. With pro software, I was able to adjust the colors and effects to match my game’s aesthetic. This attention to detail really sets the K617 SE apart from other gaming keyboards.

However, there were a couple of downsides to this otherwise fantastic keyboard. Firstly, the keyboard is quite compact, which meant I had to adjust my mouse and other peripherals to fit comfortably. Secondly, I found the wire length to be rather short, making it difficult to reach the back corner of my desk without risking a tangled mess.

Overall, the Redragon K617 SE 60% Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard is an excellent choice for avid gamers looking to elevate their gaming experience. While the compact design and short wire length require some adjustments, the full-transparent design and customizable RGB backlighting make this keyboard truly stand out.

🔗Illuminated Gasket-Mounted RGB Wireless Keyboard with High-Capacity Battery


When I first laid eyes on the RK H81 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, I was immediately drawn to its sleek and modern design. As a frequent typist, I was particularly excited to see that it was gasket mounted, providing an exceptional stable and precise typing experience. The triple mode connection — USB-C wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth 5.1 — made it incredibly versatile for my daily routine.

What truly stood out to me, however, was the use of RK Brown Switch, a soft and quiet option suitable for office or public settings. The high-capacity battery life of 3750mAh impressed me with its long-lasting capabilities, and the RGB backlit keycaps offered a mesmerizing array of customizable options. Overall, the RK H81 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a top-tier choice for anyone seeking a comfortable and efficient typing experience.

🔗Stylish Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch


Recently, I tried the Royal Kludge RK61, a 61-key mechanical gaming keyboard with blue switches. Its 60% layout and sleek white design caught my attention, plus the Bluetooth and wired connectivity options were a nice touch. Upon receiving the keyboard, I found it to be well-maintained, almost like new. The keycap puller and USB cable were included, along with a USB dongle for wireless connectivity.

The blue switches provided a satisfying tactile feedback, which made typing a pleasure. The RK61 supports Bluetooth and wired connectivity, and a USB interface, making it versatile for both gaming and work use. The keyboard layout is English, and it supports single color backlighting. The RK61 is portable, backlit, and hot-swappable, which were all added bonuses.

However, the software customization aspect could be a bit troublesome, as I found myself dealing with limited key mapping options. Nevertheless, overall, I think this keyboard offers a lot of value for its price and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish and functional mechanical keyboard.

🔗Keychron C2 Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard for Mac and Windows


Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been using the Keychron C2 (non-backlight version) on my Mac and Windows devices without a hitch. This full-sized mechanical keyboard has definitely impressed me with its tactile responsiveness, thanks to the pre-installed Keychron Brown switches which promise up to 50 million keystrokes of durability. The ABS retro-color keycaps make it perfect for my home office as much as my gaming room.

One of my favorite features is its compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Plus, the included keycaps for both make it convenient for seamless switching between devices. I also appreciate the USB Type-C wired connection with a braid cable, as it ensures a constant power supply. The inclined bottom frame and adjustable feet also contribute to a comfortable typing experience.

While there are no backlighting options, the retro-color scheme does hold its own in any setting. However, I’d love an option for a low-profile case or even hot-swappable switches in the future. Nonetheless, the Keychron C2 has been a reliable companion in my daily typing efforts, and I anticipate it serving me well for a long time.

🔗Stylish Fizz Gaming Keyboard with Linear Red Switches


I’ve been using the Redragon K617 Fizz gaming keyboard for a while now, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer in my daily life. I love its sleek, 60% wired design that takes up minimal desk space. The quiet, linear red switches make every keystroke a delight to register, and the 50 million keypress rating promises durability. The vibrant RGB backlight with up to 20 preset modes and adjustable brightness is a fantastic touch, and the software support allows for even more customization options, including creating new modes and effects.

One area I’d like to see improved is the limited height adjustment, but overall, the Redragon K617 Fizz is a fantastic choice for both gaming and productivity. It’s a versatile keyboard that combines the best of both worlds, providing a perfect blend of performance, customization, and minimalist design.

🔗Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Low Profile Red Switch


Last week, I decided to try out the Veilzor Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard LED Backlit. I had been hearing rave reviews about its low profile and the impressive LED backlighting. Setting it up was a breeze, and within minutes, it started working on my laptop seamlessly. The mechanical keyboard felt quite pleasant under my fingers, especially with the low profile red switch keys.

The most remarkable feature was the battery life. It would go to sleep mode if inactive for 10 minutes and stay in sleep mode until any key was pressed. In addition, the independent switch allowed me to conserve battery power when I knew I wouldn’t be using the keyboard for a while. However, the typing experience could be improved — it seemed a bit noisy compared to other mechanical keyboards I’ve used.

Overall, the Veilzor Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard LED Backlit was an excellent companion for my laptop sessions, and its battery life impressed me. But the noise from the keys was a minor drawback that I had to deal with. Nonetheless, it makes for a great partner at home or in the office, particularly for those who require a full-size keyboard for their daily activities.

🔗RedMagic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlight


Elevate your gaming experience with the RedMagic Mechanical Keyboard. This sleek and modern keyboard packs in a lot of great features for an incredibly responsive and precise gaming experience. Right off the bat, the TTC Speed Silver V2 Switches make a world of difference, delivering an unbeatable tactile feel.

The built-in 4000mAh battery is a game-changer, providing a long-lasting battery life of about 28 hours with the light on and an impressive 200 hours with the light off. I love not having to worry about constantly plugging in my keyboard, especially during those intense gaming sessions.

One feature that really stood out for me was the per-key backlight, offering a stunning RGB color support that I haven’t come across in other keyboards. It adds a touch of personalization and style to the device, which I absolutely adore.

The only downside I encountered was the occasional issue with a few keys having their lights reacting to lights on the same row, appearing as a brighter color or just white. However, this issue seemed to fix itself within an hour.

Overall, the RedMagic Mechanical Keyboard was a game-changer for me. The smooth, responsive switches and the amazing battery life make it a top choice for both casual and avid gamers. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their gaming to the next level.

🔗Illuminated Gaming Keyboard with Whisper Quiet Switches and Brilliant PrismSync Lighting


The SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL has been a game-changer for my daily gaming sessions. Not only is it sleek and minimalistic, but it also boasts a solid build quality that exudes a sense of durability to its users. The TKL (Tenkeyless) format is also a big plus, especially for gamers who prefer a greater space for their mouse swipes and more ergonomic experiences.

What truly stands out about this keyboard is the Whisper Quiet gaming switches. While typing on it, I couldn’t help but notice the satisfying key presses that accompanied each stroke without being too loud or intrusive. It’s a perfect pairing for those who prefer to game late at night or share living spaces with others.

Another feature I appreciated is the first-ever water-resistant TKL gaming keyboard. It’s been a valuable addition to my setup, especially after a few spills that I felt confident would not damage the keyboard. The design has made it easier to clean and maintain the peripheral.

Dedicated multimedia controls are another pro I can’t overlook. The clickable volume roller and media keys have made adjusting my settings on-the-fly a breeze, eliminating the need to constantly fumble through application settings.

However, there were a few cons I encountered with this keyboard. The lack of a tenkey numpad might not be ideal for users who require it. Additionally, the lighting effects that sync with other SteelSeries products did not seem as impressive as I expected.

In conclusion, the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL is a reliable and quiet gaming keyboard that serves its purpose of providing comfort and ergonomic design. It may not have every feature under the sun, but it doesn’t compromise on quality and durability for the sake of affordability.

🔗Azio Mk-Retro-01: Retro-Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The Azio Mk Retro Mechanical Keyboard (Black) instantly caught my attention with its chrome-trimmed rounded keys and blue mechanical switches. It brings a touch of vintage typewriter charm to my daily computing experience.

The 6-foot braided USB cable ensures a simple wired connection to my computer, and the adjustable pillar feet allow for comfortable typing at a suitable angle. The combination of vintage design, comfortable switches, and practical features makes this keyboard a winner in my book.

🔗Redragon Portable RGB Mech Keyboard with Customizable Functions


I recently tried out the Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and I have to say, it was quite an experience. The 60 percent layout made it a great fit for my small workstation, and the customizable Fn keys really came in handy for adjusting brightness and changing effects. The keyboard also came equipped with an extra set of keycaps, which allowed me to explore different color schemes and layout options.

One aspect that really stood out was the hot-swappable Red switches, providing a smooth and comfortable typing experience. The compatibility with various operating systems and gaming consoles was an added bonus, making this keyboard suitable for both work and play. Although the programmable driver is only compatible with Windows systems, overall, the Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was a fantastic addition to my setup.

🔗Ultra-Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Travel


I recently had the chance to try out the CACKBIRD Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in my daily life, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. With its compact 60% design, this keyboard is perfect for both gaming and work use.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its mechanical blue switches, offering a satisfying click sound and tactile resistance with each keystroke. This gives me the confidence I need to make precise moves while gaming or typing away at work.

The LED customization backlighting is also a major highlight, allowing me to tailor the colors to my mood and preferences with endless combinations. This feature definitely adds a unique touch to my gaming experience, making it feel more personalized.

However, there were a few downsides I encountered. The keyboard’s anti-ghosting feature could have been more efficient, and the compatibility with Type-C ports might not be as straightforward as some may expect.

Overall, the CACKBIRD Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a solid choice for gamers and office workers alike, offering a comfortable and efficient typing experience with its mechanical switches, customizable backlighting, and compact design.

🔗Cherry MX 1.0 TKL Mechanical Keyboard — Compact, Customizable Typewriter-Like Switches


The Cherry MX 1.0 TKL keyboard is a unique addition to any desktop setup. With a mechanical cabled design, the TKL layout provides ample space for a comfortable typing experience. Equipped with CHERRY MX technology, it uses gold crosspoint precision switches made in Germany, ensuring smooth and accurate key presses.

One of the standout features is its full n-key rollover, which allows all keys to be read simultaneously without any input errors. The Anti-ghosting technology further contributes to input accuracy, making it ideal for those seeking an error-free typing experience.

The 87/88-key layout features Cherry MX Red switches, providing a tactile and quiet typing experience. The compact size, along with the ergonomic non-slip mounting feet that allow for height adjustment in three steps, adds to the convenience of this keyboard.

However, the USB connection, although reliable and widely used, may not be the most advanced option available. While the laser-etched key caps give it a premium feel, it might not have the eye-catching design that some users might prefer.

Overall, the Cherry MX 1.0 TKL is a dependable and functional keyboard with a focus on ergonomics and input accuracy. While it may not have the flashiest design, its features cater to those who prioritize typing efficiency and comfort.

🔗Clicky” Gaote Blue Mechanical Keyboard for Precision Gaming


Immerse yourself in the world of retro gaming with the Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard. As a person who’s spent countless hours gaming and writing, I can attest that this keyboard has made a significant impact on my daily tasks. The Gaote Blue tactile switches deliver a satisfying “click” that adds a layer of precision and confidence to each keystroke.

What I love about this keyboard is its customizable nature. With its Cherry MX-compatible keycaps, you can effortlessly switch out the keys to personalize your experience. The classic gaming color scheme and retro-style case bring a nostalgic touch to your workspace, taking you back to the 80s.

However, there’s one downside to note: the noise. If you’re working in a shared space or value silence, this keyboard might not be the best choice. Despite this minor inconvenience, I wholeheartedly recommend the Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard for anyone seeking a unique and satisfying typing experience.

🔗Stylish Akko CS Keyboard with White Illumination


A few weeks ago, I decided to level up my gaming experience with the V-K66 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. At first glance, I was drawn to its sleek design and creamy white color, which made it a perfect match for my gaming setup. The keyboard is gasket mounted, giving it a solid feel and ensuring that every keystroke is precise and responsive.

One of the standout features is the hot-swappable key design, which allowed me to customize my gaming experience by swapping out keys with different functions, colors, or even mechanical switches. The LED backlighting is also a game-changer, providing a vivid and immersive experience during long gaming sessions.

However, I encountered a subtle drawback: the arrow keys. While they work just fine for general use, I found that the arrow key layout was less intuitive than it could have been, which made typing and navigating in games a bit more challenging.

Overall, the V-K66 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provides an excellent blend of style, customization, and performance. It’s a great choice for gamers looking to elevate their experience with a versatile and comfortable keyboard.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for mechanical keyboards! This comprehensive guide is designed to help you understand the key features, considerations, and general advice for choosing the perfect mechanical keyboard to suit your needs. We’ve structured the content in an easy-to-read format to help you make the best decision possible when purchasing a mechanical keyboard. So, let’s dive in!


Features to Consider

When shopping for a mechanical keyboard, there are several key features to consider. Here are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind as you browse through various options: **Keycap Material: ** Mechanical keyboards typically come with keycaps made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic or PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) plastic. PBT is more durable and resistant to wear, but ABS keycaps often feel smoother.


The type of switch a mechanical keyboard uses can greatly impact its feel and performance. Some common switch types include: **Linear Switches: ** These switches operate smoothly and provide a constant force when pressed, making them ideal for quiet office environments or gaming. **Tactile Switches: ** These switches provide a tactile bump when pressed, which many typists find helps prevent errors and improve typing speed. **Clicky Switches: ** These switches create an audible click when pressed, making them popular among gamers and those who prefer a more tactile keyboard experience. **Mechanical Switches: ** These switches are typically the most durable and long-lasting, but they can be noisy and require more force to press.



Mechanical keyboards come in several layouts to suit different user needs. Some common layouts include: **Full Size: ** These keyboards have all the standard keys, including a number pad and dedicated media keys. **Tenkeyless (TKL): ** These keyboards are smaller than full-size models but still feature a number pad. They are great for those with limited desk space or who prefer a more portable option. **60% or 65%: ** These keyboards are the smallest and most compact, with only the essential keys. They are ideal for those who prioritize portability and minimalist design.

RGB and Customization

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard with a little extra flair, consider one with RGB lighting and customization options. Customizable RGB lighting can help you find your keyboard in a dimly lit room, and it can also be used to display logos or patterns. Some mechanical keyboards even allow you to customize the lighting directly through the keyboard software, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your keyboard.



What are the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard offers several benefits over traditional membrane keyboards. Firstly, the mechanical switches provide a tactile response, which can improve typing accuracy and speed. The switches are also highly durable and can last for millions of keystrokes. Additionally, mechanical keyboards have customizable RGB lighting, programmable keys, and compatibility with various gaming and productivity software.

Moreover, mechanical keyboards come with audio feedback for each key press, which can be beneficial for users who rely on the audio cues for typing accuracy. Finally, many mechanical keyboards feature a sleek and modern design that can complement any desktop setup. Overall, the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard include improved typing efficiency, enhanced durability, and increased customization options.


What are the different switch types available in mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards come with a variety of switch types that can affect the feel and sound of the keys. Some common switch types include Cherry MX, Topre, Topre Realforce, Alps, and Kailh. Each switch type has its unique characteristics, such as the amount of force required to actuate the key, the actuation distance, the key travel distance, and the sound produced when the key is pressed.

For example, Cherry MX switches are widely popular due to their tactile feel and audible sound. Topre switches are known for their smooth feel and tactile bump, while Topre Realforce switches provide a soft and cushioned feel. Alps switches have a linear feel with no tactile bump or audible click, and Kailh switches resemble Cherry MX switches with variations in tactility and sound. Ultimately, the choice of switch type depends on personal preference and the intended use of the keyboard.

What is the difference between linear and tactile switches?

Linear switches and tactile switches are two different types of mechanical switch designs that can affect the feel of the keys when typing. Linear switches provide a straightforward actuation without any tactile bump or audible click when the key is pressed, creating a smooth and consistent keystroke feel.

On the other hand, tactile switches provide a small bump or indentation when the key is pressed, which can provide feedback to the user and help improve typing accuracy. This bump is often accompanied by a subtle audible click, which adds a unique sound to each keystroke. However, the strength and timing of the tactile bump and click may vary depending on the switch type and manufacturer. The choice between linear and tactile switches depends on personal preference, although many users find tactile switches more comfortable and accurate for typing.


Are mechanical keyboards compatible with gaming software?

Yes, mechanical keyboards are highly compatible with various gaming software, including macros and remapping tools. Many mechanical keyboards come with integrated macro keys or programmable keys that can be customized using keybinding software such as Macro Recorder, TinyPost, or AutoHotKey. This allows gamers to create custom keybinds and macros for specific games or applications.

Furthermore, some gaming-focused mechanical keyboards come with additional features like anti-ghosting and dedicated media keys. Anti-ghosting ensures that all keystrokes are registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, which can be crucial in fast-paced games. Dedicated media keys offer quick and easy access to frequently used media controls, reducing the need to switch between applications.

How long do mechanical keyboards usually last?

Mechanical keyboards are known for their durability and long lifespan. Some key switches can last for millions of keystrokes, which means that a well-maintained mechanical keyboard can last for several years without significant wear and tear. Of course, the actual lifespan of a mechanical keyboard depends on factors like the quality of the switches, the user’s typing habits, and the overall build quality of the keyboard.

However, some users may find the cost of a mechanical keyboard to be more expensive compared to traditional membrane keyboards. While this may be true initially, the investment in a high-quality mechanical keyboard can pay off in the long run due to its durability and unique features. Overall, mechanical keyboards are a sound investment for users seeking a high-performance, reliable, and customizable input device.

How do I clean and maintain my mechanical keyboard?

Maintaining a mechanical keyboard is essential to ensure its longevity and proper functioning. The first step in cleaning and maintaining your mechanical keyboard is to unplug it from the computer or console. This will prevent any accidental key presses or shorts while you are cleaning the keyboard.

Over time, the keys on a mechanical keyboard can accumulate dust, debris, and fingerprints, which can affect the typing experience. To clean the keys, simply use a soft-bristled brush or an air compressor to gently remove any dirt or debris. It is recommended not to use water or any liquid cleaners on the keys, as this can damage the keyboard’s electronic components. If you need to remove any sticky residue, you can use a microfiber cloth or a dampened cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

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